Audio / 2023 / 10mins
Comissioned by Paraorchestra
Listen here

How does space influence the way we listen? And how does it change the way musicians perform?
Calum was commissioned by Paraorchestra, a disability-led orchestra based in Bristol, UK, to create this composition. It is inspired by the Paraorchestra project The Anatomy of the Orchestra, in which an 70-piece orchestra is placed across an entire concert hall, with the audience invited to wander between each musician, shaping the sound as they walk.

Calum has created an artistic response in Anatomies, a documentary-music hybrid which interviews orchestra members about their experience of performing in this unique way, as well as audience members experiencing music like this for the first time. These interviews become music, as they are mixed with recordings of the musicians playing, as well as Calum’s original music. This creates an immersive exploration of live performance, and the connection between musician and audience.