Audio and live performance / 2018 - 2024
Collaboration with Ada Mukhina 

Calum has created a unique documentary-music composition for every production of Risk Lab. Created and performed by regular collaborator Ada Mukhina, Risk Lab invites a guest artist to take part in the performance, joining Ada and the audience over video call. Each artist has experienced risk in their practice, and throughout the performance they collaborate with Ada, creating artistic provocations for the audience and questioning what it means to be a risk-taking artist.

Each performance closes with a musical composition created by Calum. This composition is unique for each guest artist, and Calum works closely with both the guest artist and Ada in order to create the composition. Calum uses audio clips from the guest artist, as well as their suggestions of sound and music. As the guest artists are often exiled from their home countries, Calum incorporates sound and music which reminds them of home, asking them to recommend him field recordings of their previous hometowns, clips of traditional folk music, or audio of news reports from their home country.

1st episode – Abhishek Thapar (India / Netherlands), Camden People’s Theatre, London, 2018.

2nd episode – Anis Hamdoun (Syria / Germany). Camden People’s Theatre, London, 2018.

3rd episode – Anna Sagalchik and Tim Tkachev (Belarus / Russia). Deutsches Theater Berlin, Radar Ost Festival, 2021.

4th episode – Elina Kulikova (Russia / exile in Georgia). The Gathering by Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University, 2022.

5th episode – Anton Ryanov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Grenzenlos Kultur Festival, Staatstheater Mainz, Germany, 2022